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Happy Thanksgeeking

Its time to stop and give thanks for all the important things in your life… and some of the less important things like digital music, great glass, and unified communication technologies.

Its Turkey Day once again and that means time to give thanks. If this blog were just called “Joe Librizzi” I world be giving thanks for my beautiful daughter, amazing wife, loving family and inspiring friends. But its not. Its called “Joe Librizzi Is Kinda Geeky” so here’s what the geek in me is celebrating this year.

The Amazon vs Google vs Apple War for Digital Music Supremacy

There isn’t a more exciting battlefield in consumer media right now than digital music. Three innovative technology giants at each others throats, fighting to make music more accessible to the masses. The record label paradigm is being destroyed. People are discovering new genres at blazing rates. Viva la revolutión! Side note: this has the unfortunate side effect of destroying the local record store. Go support them!

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens

Photography has long been a hobby, and this mighty mouse of a lens has reinvigorated my passion. It packs gorgeously blurred backgrounds, well exposed low light pictures and super sharp lines into lens than three inches.

The Convergence of Business and Personal Technology

I’ve been hoping to drop my corporate Blackberry for years and consolidate to one mobile device. As if campaigning for a mention in this post, my IT Director installed a pilot of Corporate Sync on my Moto Droid Bionic this past Tuesday. That comes on the heals of replacing our local client VPN with a Web client the previous week. With three of our primary applications living on the web, specific hardware is no longer a prerequisite to productivity.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Thanksgeeking, to you!

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