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The Difference Between Knowing What’s Right and Getting What’s Right Done

In a world where knowledge is a commodity, the ability to execute is the most valued capability.

Knowledge had become a commodity. In our digital world, expert information is a mouse click away. I can read Harvard Business Review articles on my morning commute and watch Seth Godin speak on my way home. Simply knowing no longer has value. Value now comes from those that can make the right things happen.

We encounter both on a daily basis. “Knowers” are those annoying people that constantly lecture about what you’re doing wrong or what you’re simply not doing. In increasing order of detriment to an organization, they come off as either holier than thou, a waste of time, or dictators. Dictators are the worst of the bunch because they don’t just control you, they bleed you of any motivation in the process.

“Makers” are a more difficult breed to spot. You don’t realize the influence they have over you, and therein lies their strength. A Maker inspires. A Maker not only informs you, but gets you excited to do something. A Maker relies not on muscle and rah rah speeches, but on an ability to make you think the right thing is actually your idea.

Here’s to the Makers of the world. I wish there were more of you. I wish I was among your ranks.

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